Wine review – Eldridge Estate, Bremerton, Billecart-Salmon, Murrumbateman Winery, Arrogant Frog, Sandalford

Eldridge Estate Pinot Noir 2014 – wine of the week Eldridge Estate vineyard, Red Hill, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria $60 David Lloyd’s wines demonstrate the power of growing grape varieties in the right climate, then mastering vineyard management and winemaking. His 3.8-hectare vineyard, at around 200-metres altitude and 38 degrees south, provides the cool growing and […]

New Zealanders launch home brew machine in Australia

WilliamsWarn Brewmaster In 2011 New Zealanders Ian Williams and Anders Warn launched what they claimed was “the world’s first all-in-one brewing appliance”. Following success of the WilliamsWarn Brewmaster in New Zealand, the inventors have now released it in Australia Their launch of the WilliamsWarn Brewmaster beat America’s PicoBrew Zymatic to the punch by about three […]

Old friendship brings Canberra brews to Sydney

Royal Albert to host five Canberra brewers On the strength of an old friendship, five Canberra brewers are to take over the taps at inner Sydney’s popular Royal Albert Hotel. The Surry Hills hotel, winner of TimeOut’s 2015 people’s choice award, specialises in Australian-made drinks (including 60–70 craft spirits) and tap takeovers by craft brewers. […]

Sour and hoppy beer thrills

Thrill seekers move to sour beer, but hops remain the main game My Sydney beer spy, Mr Malty, notes a trend among the city’s manliest drinkers away from hops and bitterness towards mouth-puckering sour beers, such as Boon Marriage Parfait. However, sour beers remain on the fringe for the moment and pose no near-term threat […]

Wine review – Hungerford Hill, Mount Tumbarumba, Coppabella

Hungerford Hill Classic Tumbarumba Pinot Noir 2014 $26–$36 An Anzac weekend sweep through Batlow and Tumbarumba turned up several appealing wines. Batlow, of course, makes apple cider, while Tumbarumba, originally planted to vines for sparkling wines, now makes appealing, elegant table wines, too. Tumbarumba’s Café Nest–movie theatre offers fresh local produce, some grown on site, […]