A beer drinking world

Figures released earlier this year by Japan’s Kirin, ranks the Chinese as the world’s biggest beer drinkers. In 2012, the latest figures available, the Chinese consumed 44,201 kilolitres of beer, representing 24.1 per cent of the world’s total. People of the United States consumed a little over half the Chinese volume at 24,186 kilolitres to […]

Wine review – Castro’s Ligador and Xanadu

Castro’s Ligador McLaren Vale Cabernet Malbec 2012 $20 With his new release Ben Riggs suggests a parallel between the blending arts of a cigar maker (ligador) and a winemaker. Both craftsmen, says Riggs make “the whole greater than the sum of its parts”. Riggs argues his case with this blend of cabernet sauvignon and malbec. […]

Beer review – Edge Brewing Company

Edge Brewing Company Angry Pirate IPA 330ml $5.31 To tweak this strong IPA (6.8 per-cent alcohol), Melbourne’s Edge Brewing included rum-soaked oak chips in the conditioning tank. The medium gold–orange coloured ale holds its head forever and delivers feisty, malt and hops flavours with quite an astringent, dry finish that probably includes hops, oak and […]

Stone and Wood’s new heartbreaker

In late September Byron Bay’s Stone and Wood brewery released its fourth ale under the Mash Collective label – dedicated to beers designed largely by non-brewing creative people. The new Heart Breaker ale combines ideas from NSW mid-north-coast chef, Clayton Donovan, guitarist and songwriter, Darren Middleton, and brewing industry graphic designer (and home brewer), Damian […]

Beer review – Sierra Nevada and Croucher

Sierra Nevada Kellerweis Hefeweizen 355ml $3.65 America’s Sierra Nevada brewery captures the Bavarian wheat beer style extremely well. The abundant white head, yeast haze and fruity-spicy aroma encourage a big mouthful. The palate delivers on the promise, with flavours reflecting the aroma and a smooth, full palate, cut with zesty, lemony freshness. Croucher Brewing Company […]

Bruge to get three-kilometer beer pipeline

Belgian plans to build a three-kilometre beer pipeline ups the ante in the age-old conundrum of keeping beer lines clean. If some pubs struggle to keep a few metres gleaming inside, how is the De Halve Maan brewery to manage three kilometres? In late September, De Halve Maan announced plans to build the underground pipeline […]