Wine review – Miceli Mornington Peninsula

Miceli Mornington Peninsula Olivia’s Chardonnay 2017 $35
Pale straw colour; the aroma combines melon-like varietal flavour with strong leesy character of barrel maturation and a subtler caramel-like flavour derived from malolactic fermentation (a fermentation that converts malic acid to lactic acid); the palate reflects the aroma with pleasantly tart acidity and a bite of tannin in the finish.

Miceli Mornington Peninsula Lucy’s Pinot Noir 2016 $40
Medium depth of garnet colour, already showing some browning at the rim; not as aromatic as many others from the region; the palate is taut, tannic and dry.

Miceli Rosé Brut 2006 $70
Pinot noir 65%, chardonnay 20%, pinot gris 15%

Pale onion skin colour with lively bubbles; the aroma combines pinot noir varietal flavour with the influence of maturation on yeast lees – the latter also contributes backbone to a savoury style, dry rosé.

Miceli Michael Brut 2008  $50
Pinot noir 58%, chardonnay 23%, pinot gris 19%
My pick of the current releases, Miceli 2008 shows the richness, complexity and structure of the three-variety blend after extensive maturation on yeast lees.

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