Beer review — Badger & Chambly

Badger Golden Champion Ale 500ml $7.49
Had it been a tad fresher, this delicious ale from the Hall and Woodhouse Brewery, Dorsett, would’ve rated five stars. It’s seductively floral and fruity with malt opulence (but not heaviness) and a beautifully balanced, mildly bitter, fruity finish. The hops/fruit aroma is unique, described by the brewer as being like ‘elderflower’.

Blanche de Chambly 341ml $5.99
It’s a long way from Quebec, and perhaps that accounts for Chambly’s lack of freshness. Nevertheless, it’s a distinctive and appealing bottle conditioned wheat beer. The head fades all too quickly, but the aroma and palate deliver exotic clove-like notes and the brisk acidity that differentiates wheat beers from barley beers.

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