Beer review — Coopers Dark & Newcastle Brown ales

Coopers Dark Ale 375ml $2.35
Cooper’s ads invite you to meet the dark side of the family – Dark Ale. While it’s dark in colour it’s comparatively low in alcohol (4.5 per cent) — meaning lighter body but not a lack of flavour. It has ale’s fruity aromas and, under that, a touch of roast-coffee-like character. The palate is rich but lively with a very fresh, crisp, dry finish.

Newcastle Brown Ale 330ml $3.25
While this is on the blander end of the ale scale, it’s only modestly alcoholic at 4.7 per cent, and offers attractive toffee and caramel like aromas and flavours. Together with the sweet, malt character this gives an attractive warming effect, while a decent tweak of hops dries the finish out nicely.

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