Beer review — Cooper’s & Ruddles County

Cooper’s Extra Strong Vintage Ale 2007 $375ml $3.75
The family resemblance between Cooper’s 2006 and 2007 ales is a high 7.5 per cent alcohol and robust malt and hops flavours. But a year’s bottle age sees the 2006’s flavour balance shifting towards sweet, toffee-like malt and away from hops. The ultra-fresh 2007 still delivers both in abundance – and harmony.

Ruddles County World Famous English Ale 500ml $7.49
In a recent tasting of richer, maltier English ales Ruddles stood apart for its lighter colour and emphasis on a lingering, delicious bitter finish. Malt and fruitiness, the other key ale-flavour elements were there, too, but the hops aroma and flavour and bitterness set the theme for a very more-ish drop.

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