Beer review — Redoak & Fuller’s

Redoak Rauch 330ml $7.50 at Café della Piazza
Redback Rauch had the Schloss Shanahan tasting memories drifting back to Bamberg, Germany, and drafts of meaty, smoky Rauchbier served with liver dumpling soup. We’ve not seen an Aussie attempt at this beechwood-smoked style before, but see great promise in Redoak’s less in-your-face version. This is adventurous brewing by David Hollyoak.

Fuller’s Extra Special Champion Ale 500ml $7.49
Few back labels hit the mark like Fuller’s. But ‘smooth, full bodied and bursting with flavour, with marmalade fruitiness throughout’ hit the mark as we sipped at this opulent 5.9 per cent alcohol English ale. The fruity notes really did move into the bitter/sweet marmalade spectrum. These fitted well with the complex, bitter hops.

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