Beer review — Bright Brewery & Matilda Bay

Bright Brewery Raspberry Lambic 330ml glass $7.50
You’ll have to drive to the brewery in Bright, Victoria, for this one, but it’s worth it. David Cocks brewed it in the Belgian ‘lambic’ style using local wheat, raspberries and hops. The colour’s limpid ruby and the aroma and flavour are pure raspberry, with lambic’s brisk, pleasantly tart edge.

Matilda Bay Sebastian Reserve 750ml $18.99
This is the latest in Matilda Bay’s occasional series of strong, dark wheat beers. It’s bottle conditioned and built to age. But in the manner of wheat beers it’s not heavy, despite the rich, chocolaty flavours. There’s a crispness and liveliness that makes it terrific to enjoy now, perhaps with robust food.

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