Beer review — Schwarz Brewery

Schwarz Brewery Pilsener & Pale Ale 330ml 6-pack $17.50
These are two lovely, golden beers from Olim’s Hotel, an outlet for Dr Jerry Schwartz’s Sydney brewery. They’re both full of character but easy drinking, too. The Pilsner’s crisp and fresh with delicious tang of Saaz hops. And the American-style Pale Ale is full-bodied with assertive citrus flavour and intense hops bitterness.

Schwartz Brewery Dark Bier 330ml 6-pack $17.50
This a very smart German-style dark lager. It’s crisp, fresh and fairly light on the palate. But it still has the warm, toasty, coffee-like flavours and dark colour that come from the roasted malt. Samara Füss makes all the beers reviewed today at Schwartz’s Brewery, Macquarie Hotel, Sydney.

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