Beer review — Snowy Mountains Brewery

Snowy Mountains Brewery Crackenback Pale Ale 330ml $3.50
This a toned-down but attractive version of the American pale ale style – ie, not quite as malty or hoppy as the originals but still with enough oomph to lift it above the pack. There’s an appealing citrus note to the hops aroma but a little more body might better offset the bitter finish.

Snowy Mountains Brewery Bullocks Pilsner 330ml $3.50
Bullocks is modelled on the Czech Pilzen style, but like Crackenback above, it mutes the keynotes of the style without going too far to the bland centre. It has attractive, fragrant, herbal hops aroma and rich but lively, fresh palate that finishes dry and moderately bitter, leaving the mouth ready for the next sip.

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