Beer review — Williams Bros Grozet & Green King

Williams Bros Grozet Premium Beer 500ml $9.90
There’s an echo of sauvignon blanc in this pale-coloured, tangy Scotch beer, as the brew contains gooseberries and a twist of bogmyrtle. But the fruit influence is subtle – meaning that what you taste is principally a high quality, traditional malt beer with refreshing fruit notes rather than hops bitterness.

Green King Strong Suffolk Vintage Ale 500ml $9.00
Think of butterscotch pudding, coffee beans, toffee, golden syrup, malted grain – all things rich, roasted and sweet rolled into one strong, idiosyncratic, six-per-cent alcohol beer that’s been aged in oak for two year. It’s powerful but well proportioned – an ale to sip with food and served too cold

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