Press release — Champagne information bureau: expanded appellation

This is a press release issued by the Champagne Information Bureau, Sydney, on 26 March 2008

Press Release: The Revision of the Champagne Appellation

The INAO has reviewed and unanimously approved the report concerning the development of the geographic area of the Champagne AOC. The proposed new geographic area will now be subject to a public enquiry, which will allow everyone involved to put forward any appeals or oppositions to this project.

Timeline of the revision

2003 – INAO agreed to look into the Champagne AOC following a request to review Champagne’s geographic area from Champagne’s Syndicat Général des Vignerons de Champagne.

The 1927 legislation stated that the Champagne AOC convenes 634 communes (zone d’élaboration), out of which 319 are allowed to grow Champagne grapes (zone de production).

2006 – A group of five experts appointed by INAO audited current villages and potential villages which could be part of the future AOC.

13th March 2008 the five experts presented their findings and recommendations to the INAO’s national committee. Subsequently, the INAO accepted these recommendations and a public enquiry will be launched in the Champagne Region, allowing anyone concerned to put forward appeals and oppositions to the project.

Within the next 6 – 12 months the experts will study any appeals put forward in the public enquiry, and will present a new definitive report.

The INAO will then begin drawing up the new boundaries for the vineyards, which should be completed by 2017.