Beer review — Peroni and Murray’s

Peroni Leggera 330ml $2.99
This is the latest starter in the lo-carb race. It’s watery pale and, like most of the genre, is a bit skinny. But it’s also got the pleasantly tart, well-balanced finish seen in the full-bore Peroni beers. Trust the Italians to show a little class in this generally unrewarding style.

Murray’s Craft Brewing Co Pilsner 330ml 4-pack $14.99
Hops can add a lot to beer’s aroma, flavour and bitterness. But there’s a tendency, at times, for hops to sweep all before it, rather as oak did in Australia’s early chardonnays.  Hops seems to totally dominate this beer, starting pleasantly enough but building to a resiny hardness with a few sips.

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