Beer review — Urquell and Little Creatures

Urquell Pilzen 330ml $3.60
Urquell, from Pilzen in the Czech Republic, is the beer that more than any other put Pilzen, Pils, Pilsner, Pilsner – whatever you call it – on our drinking menu. These days it’s a big volume international brand but it retains the rich flavours and terrifically tangy, refreshing bitterness of noble Saaz hops.

Little Creatures Pilsner 330ml 6-pack $17.99
One of the consistently best Aussie Pilsner styles, to my taste, comes from the part Lion Nathan-owned Little Creatures Brewery, Fremantle. It ‘s widely distributed and presumably popular because I’ve not yet come across a stale bottle in local stores. It’s fragrantly hopped and subtle, but delicious and complex, too.

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