Fear and loathing in Fyshwick

I bought the beers for the labels created by Ralph Steadman and featuring quotes from Dr Gonzo – Hunter S. Thomson. But what the hell had the great British artist and American writer to do with America’s Flying Dog Brewery?

A lot it turns out. And the beers are as brilliant and as idiosyncratic as the three old mates behind them. You can read the wonderful story at www.flyingdogales.com – but, in brief, the brewery owner, George Stranahan was a long-time friend of Thomson who introduced him to Steadman.

The label promises (and delivers) “Good beer. No Shit” from a “purposeful, provocative, irreverent brewery”.

The beers range from easy drinking, but still distinctive styles, to some amazingly good, high-alcohol, high-bitterness specialties built for the occasional sip.

They’re available from Plonk, Fyshwick.

Copyright © Chris Shanahan 2009