Pumpkin brew for Jindabyne

Drinkers at Jindabyne’s Banjo Paterson Inn know part owner, Gavin Patton, as pumpkin – a nickname soon to be immortalised on tap.
Last week Chuck Hahn pitched the yeast into the first batch of pumpkin ale – a true witches kettle of malted barley, roasted pumpkin, nutmeg, allspice, ginger, cinnamon and Pride of Ringwood and Summer Saaz hops.

Pumpkin plays a dual role says Chuck – together with the malted barley it provides sugar for fermentation (and hence alcohol) and also adds a distinct flavour.

Pride of Ringwood hops give bitterness (but not too much), while the Summer Saaz and spices, added late, during the whirl-pooling process, contribute aromatics and flavour.

It’s bubbling away in the Banjo’s cauldron as I write. Chuck says fermentation will take a week. Then there’ll be a week’s maturation before it goes on tap in the bar. There’ll be a small picture of pumpkin Patton on the logo, Chuck says, adding “we’ve got a big one, too, but we want to sell some beer”.

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