Beer review — James Squire and Asahi

James Squire Limited Release Malt Runner 345ml 6-pack $18.99
Malt Runner is the fifth in James Squire’s limited release series. Cherry juice, added before the ferment, makes up 15% of the blend. The aroma’s hoppy and malty with just a tease of cherry; the palate’s warm and malty, with an undercurrent of sweet and sour cherry livening up the finish.

Asahi Super Dry 330ml 6-pack $18.99
It’s probably not the beer for a Canberra winter. But Asahi combines delicacy, flavour and lingering hops bitterness in a style that suits both delicate and spiced food – the beer equivalent of dry young riesling. It’s imported by Fosters and current stock is ultra fresh – a must for this style of beer.

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