Beer an cider review — Warsteiner and Henry Westons

Warsteiner Premium Verum 330ml $4.90
This is a very attractive, easy-drinking pilsner style from Warstein, near Dortmund, Germany. Its bright, pale-lemon colour, abundant head and herbal hoppy aroma invite a big swig; then one mouthful invites another. This is delicious stuff: zingy, fresh and bracingly, bitterly dry – perfect for a hot Australian summer.

Henry Westons Special Reserve Vintage 2008 Cider 500ml $7.50
This vintage, oak-matured cider comes from Herefordshire, England. It’s a medium golden colour and heroically alcoholic at 8.2 per cent. It’s full flavoured and fresh, not in the tangy granny smith style – but more along the lines of fully ripe apples just  before they slip into decay.

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