Beer review — Hopper Soft Brew and Henninger

Hopper Soft Brew Citrus, Apple and Blackcurrant 330ml $3
Looks and feels like beer texturally, but the red tinge in the blackcurrant gives it away. The citrus smells liked candied orange rind; the apple version is more clear-cut, like tangy granny smiths; and the blackcurrant’s like Ribena. To me they’re sweet and cloying, though carbohydrates represent just 7.9gms in every 100.

Henninger Original German Lager Bier 330ml 6-pack $11.99
Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the big retailers keep the pressure on premium beer prices by importing their own and selling it direct – cutting out the middleman. Coles imports Henninger for its Liquorland, 1st Choice and Vintage Cellars outlets. It’s a pleasant, light-golden lagers with appealing, delicate, herbal hops bitterness.

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