Cider and beer review — Napoleone & Co and Coopers

Napoleone & Co Yarra Valley Apple Cider 330ml 4-pack $18
This is made at the Punt Road Winery using a variety of apples from the nearby Napoleone orchard, established in 1948. It’s pale coloured with a light, clean and fresh appley aroma. The palate’s fresh, clean and dry, with pure apple flavour, though lacking punch and vibrancy.

Coopers Original Pale Ale 375ml 6-pack $14.99
Stupidly, got caught up arguing Coopers Pale Ale versus Coopers Sparkling Ale, both bottle conditioned, the former 4.5 per cent alcohol, the latter 5.8 per cent. Like all faith arguments (Macintosh versus PC, for example) it went nowhere. Thank god, though, for the delicious, bitter, refreshing Pale Ale, what a winner.

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