Foam surfing — Longboard rides wave of popularity

Heard of Longboard? It’s a new brew, created by Illawarra coast surfing mates, Brendan Bate, Nathan McEwan and Jonathon Crowe.

It’s currently available on tap along the Illawarra Coast, at the Friendly Inn, Kangaroo Valley, and at a couple of Sydney outlets. But Brendan Bate says, “Although we’ve stuck to the area we know so far, we have aspirations for a national brand”.

The three partners developed Longboard with Andrew Gow – chief brewer at Five Islands Brewery, North Wollongong. Bates said they borrowed features from their two favourite ales, Cooper’s and Little Creatures, aiming for a brisk, full-bodied ale with citrus-like hops high notes and clean, lingering bitterness. – something with character plus easy drinkability.

We test drove it over lunch at the Scarborough Hotel (383 Lawrence Hargrave Drive) – distracted by sweeping coastal views, south towards Wollongong and north to the Royal National Park, with the steep escarpment looming to the west.

Our mixed group of men, women, Germans and Australians gave Longboard the thumbs up. We liked its dazzling freshness, aromatic hops, clean bitterness and even the slight sweetness that came with the mid-palate malt richness. It’s a long way in style from our standard lagers, but easy to love. See for stockists.

Longboard Pale Ale 425ml schooner $5.00
Thank the Scarborough Hotel’s stunning ocean views for one star of our rating for Longboard – a full-flavoured, naturally conditioned beer made in the Australian pale ale style. The late addition of Cascade hops gives the beer its distinctive, citrusy flavour and tangy fresh finish. It’s available at various outlets on the Illawarra Coast.

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