Beer review — North Coast Brewing and Atlas Brewery

North Coast Brewing Company Red Seal Ale 355ml $5.50
This brilliant, golden-amber ale, from Mendocino County, California, really pushes the excitement buttons, as it’s seductively delicious to drink but also very complex. It combines generous, gentle, supple malt with a delightful hops flavour and a lingering, teasing hops bitterness, deeply integrated with the malt flavour.

Atlas Brewery Latitude Highland Pilsner 500ml $8.80
Brewer Norman Sinclair’s exceptionally fine, delicate pilsner style comes from Kinlochleven, Scotland. Sinclair uses highland water, British ale malt, continental lager malt and German and Slovenian hops to produce a pale, dry, beautifully balanced lager with a delicate lemony/hoppy tang – sufficiently subtle and delicate to enjoy with sashimi.

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