Beer review — Zierholz and Murray’s

Zierholz German Ale 5-litre keg $40
Like bread straight from the oven, beer from the vat gives a thrilling freshness. Zierholz five-litre kegs deliver the near-vat experience, in this instance with a German Kolsch style – a mild, fruity golden ale with a lager-like delicate, crisp, smooth flavour and clean, lingering hops bitterness.

Murray’s Whale Ale 330ml $3.98
Port Stephens-based Murray’s brews this in the American style – a toned down version of Bavarian styles, with their strong banana-like fruity esters. Taking away the esters leaves a light, tangy, ale with the abundant froth, smooth, creamy texture and tangy lemon freshness typical of wheat ale.

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