Costco beer offering — limited but very keen prices

There’s little excitement in store at Costco for adventurous beer drinkers. But the limited offer seems keenly priced and pitched mainly at drinkers of mainstream premium imported beers.

Just four of the eleven beers on display (all in case lots only) are Australian brands – XXXX Summer Bright Lager 330ml ($36.69, Dan Murphy $36.95), Hahn Premium Light 375ml ($28.79, Dan Murphy’s $31.99), Bighead No Carb Beer 330ml ($43.99), and Tooheys Extra Dry 345ml ($35.99, Dan Murphy’s $39.99).

Prices on six of the seven imported brands undercut Dan Murphy by varying amounts: Heineken 5-litre keg ($28.99, Dan Murphy $29.95), Asahi Super Dry 330ml ($48.99, Dan Murphy 54.99), Stella Artois 330ml ($38.49, Dan Murphy $39.45), Budweiser 355ml ($41.49, Dan Murphy $45.95), Calrsberg Green 330ml ($38.98, Dan Murphy 442.99), And Beck’s 330ml ($38.98, Dan Murphy $39.85)). However, Costco needs to sharpen its pencil to beat Dan Murphy on Guinness Draft Cans 440ml, priced at $55.99 versus Dan Murphy’s $49.90.

Copyright © Chris Shanahan 2011
First published 3 August 2011 in The Canberra Times