Beer and cider review — Mad Brewers and Old Mout

Mad Brewers Ginger Chops Alcoholic Ginger Beer 330m 4-pack $16.99
Mad Brewers’ delicious ginger beer contrasts in style to the full-bodied, alcoholic, malty Kiuchi reviewed on 6 June. This is a lighter bodied version (4.2 per cent alcohol), tempered further by the use of malted wheat. It’s light, fresh and dry with the tangy bite of ginger adding a little heat to the finish.

Old Mout Boysencider 750ml $10
Boysencider, from Nelson New Zealand, combines apple cider with boysenberry wine, hitting a wine-like eight per cent alcohol. Juicy berry flavours and a good dose of sugar wrestle with the extreme eye-scrunching, mouth-puckering tartness of seemingly unripe fruit. It’s uniquely sweet and sour but really very appealing in small quantities.

Copyright © Chris Shanahan 2012
First published 4 July 2012 in The Canberra Times