Beer review — Temple Brewing Company and Sierra Nevada

Temple Brewing Company Extra Special Bitter 330ml $4.90
The brilliant mid-amber, red-tinged colour and abundant head create great expectations for this brew from Brunswick East, Victoria. And the palate delivers – warm, malty and smooth with a lingering, delicious hops bitterness. Full marks to the marketers, too. The QR code scans to brief but detailed information about the beer.

Sierra Nevada Hoptimum Whole-cone Imperial IPA 355ml $7.70
Hoptimum pole-vaults to the hoppiest of hoppy heights, measuring 100 on the international bitterness scale – roughly five times as much as the typical Australian lager. Opulent, sweet malt and a heady 10.4 per cent alcohol distract momentarily from the hops. But nothing can stop the resiny, bitter, citrusy hops deluge. It’s love or hate.

Copyright © Chris Shanahan 2012
First published 28 November 2012 in The Canberra Times