Zierholz goes to uni

If the god’s of bureaucracy and fate smile on Christoph Zierholz, Canberra University may have its own brewpub by the time you read this. Well, it’ll have the pub, and lots of beer, but it’ll be a little while before the brewery arrives.

In mid-January, Zierholz said he expected to open the pub in time for O week (30 January to 3 February) and supply it from his existing brewpub at Fyshwick.

However, he plans to install a brewery this year and supplement the Fyshwick-brewed products with “unique house beers” brewed on site.

The bar will initially offer 18 beers and a couple of ciders, including Gundaroo’s Jolly Miller.

The university outlet – located at the hub in building 1, Kirinari Street – features a wood fired pizza, grill and some of the German-style dishes created originally for the Fyshwick brewpub.

Zierholz Pils 5-litre keg $40
The recyclable keg, purchased at Zierholz Brewery Fyshwick, opened easily, poured reliably and delivered the true, fresh-draft experience. The cloudy, light golden colour promises wholemeal goodness and delivers deliciously, with a pure, rich, malty flavour and lovely, clean lingering bitterness (for those that like hops).

Copyright © Chris Shanahan 2012
First published 1 February 2012 in The Canberra Times