Beer review — 8 Wired Brew Co and Victoria High Country Brewery

8 Wired Brew Co Saison Sauvin 500ml $10
This is a Kiwi take, from the heart of Marlborough sauvignon blanc county, on a traditional Belgian seasonal brew. Pungent, spicy sauvin hops from Nelson, to the west, permeates the rich, smooth, high-alcohol palate, leaving a lingeringly bitter, spicy, hoppy aftertaste. What a classy beer – big and assertive but well balanced.

Victoria High Country Brewery Trail Rule 47 330ml $5.48
A group of brewers from Victoria’s high country made this strong Belgian “tripel” style using local hops (Rostrevor), malt from three continents, Belgian candy syrup and a Trappist yeast. The resulting mid-amber ale offers sweet, malty, candied flavours cut with assertive, pungent hops flavours and bitterness.

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First published 16 October 2013 in the Canberra Times and