A beer drinking world

Figures released earlier this year by Japan’s Kirin, ranks the Chinese as the world’s biggest beer drinkers. In 2012, the latest figures available, the Chinese consumed 44,201 kilolitres of beer, representing 24.1 per cent of the world’s total.

People of the United States consumed a little over half the Chinese volume at 24,186 kilolitres to claim 12.9 per cent market share. Australian drinkers ranked 24th on the list, downing 1,830 kilolitres and accounting for one per cent of the global market.

Kirin says Asia overall “has maintained the momentum of its beer consumption growth for more than 20 years” and accounted for 33.2 per cent of world consumption in 2012.

On a per-person basis, the Czech Republic ranks number one at 148.6 litres, followed by Austria (107.8), Germany (106.1) and Estonia (102.4).

China failed to appear in the top 35 countries on a per capita basis, suggesting more potential growth.

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First published 22 October 2014 in the Canberra Times