Beer review — Murray’s and Samuel Smith’s

Murray’s Angry Man Pale Ale 330ml 4-pack $15
Murray’s website calls it a cross between the mild English pale ale style and massively malty-hoppy American style. That’s a fair call based on the bottle we enjoyed down the south coast recently – not as fresh as the draft version tasted in Newcastle last April, but lovely to the last drop nevertheless.

Samuel Smith’s Old Brewery Pale Ale 550ml $8.50
Brewed in old, shallow square stone vats at Tadcaster, England, Smith’s entices with a warm, sweet, fruity-malty aroma, seasoned with herbal hops. The smooth, rich palate matches the aroma and because it’s only lightly carbonated the luxurious malt flavour, with its subtle, bitter, hops edge, remains at centre stage. A cool weather beer.

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First published 29 January 2014 in the Canberra Times