Stone and Wood’s new heartbreaker

In late September Byron Bay’s Stone and Wood brewery released its fourth ale under the Mash Collective label – dedicated to beers designed largely by non-brewing creative people.

The new Heart Breaker ale combines ideas from NSW mid-north-coast chef, Clayton Donovan, guitarist and songwriter, Darren Middleton, and brewing industry graphic designer (and home brewer), Damian Kelly.

Presumably Middleton and Kelly had some say in the malts and hops (ella, Sorachi ace, centennial and mosaic) in the brew.

Clayton Donovan’s more tangible input comes directly through a lifelong appreciation of Australian bush foods, acquired from an aunt and his grandmother and now applied through his cooking. The new brew contains lemon myrtle, bush peach and pepperberry.

In Canberra, Heart Breaker is available on tap at A Baker and in bottles at Hotel Hotel, Plonk and Urban Cellars.

Review: Stone and Wood The Mash Collective Heart Breaker 500ml $9
Wood and Stone’s fourth brew under the Mash Collective label is an amber ale, seasoned with four varities of hops and several native Australian plants and fruits. Heat Breaker unifies these diverse elements into an harmonious, full-bodied ale, cut through with tangy, spicy herbal notes and a bitter, dry finish.

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First published 14 October 2014 in and 15 October 2014 in the Canberra Times