Whisky review — Chas Mackinley & Co

Chas Mackinlay and Co Rare Old Highland Malt Whisky $200 700ml Predominantly Speyside and Highlands, some Jura, Scotland
This facsimile (both in contents and packaging) of the Scotch carried by Shackleton’s 2007 Antarctic expedition combines a large number of components, varying in age from eight to 30 years, “all married in the finest sherry butts”. The whisky appeals immediately for its pristine mid-lemon colour and refined aroma, suggestive of its maturity and high-quality oak. Even at 47.3 per cent alcohol (a bare minimum for Antarctic expeditions), the palate’s smooth and tasty, revealing more with each sip – and changing subtly with a splash of water. It’s available at Dan Murphys.

Read the fascinating story of a stash discovered in the Antarctic in 2007 and its subsequent re-creation by Mackinlays.

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First published 5 February 2014 in the Canberra Times