Beer review – Mornington Peninsular Brewery and Maisel

Mornington Peninsula Brewery Sorachi 330ml $4.65
Originally from Cologne, Germany, Kolsch is a pale-lemon coloured beer with pronounced hop aroma and flavour, but comparatively low bitterness. Mornington Brewery’s version emulates the Japanese take on Kolsch, using Japan’s Sorachi Ace hops. The result is a delicate but full, pale-coloured beer with zesty, lemony hops character.

Maisel’s Dunkel Hefeweissbier 500ml $4.95
The label translates to “dark wheat beer with yeast”, the latter indicating a yeast haze in the beer. From Maisel brewery, Bayreuth, northern Bavaria, the ale captures the regional specialty beautifully: dark colour, luxurious head, sweet, enticing, fruity- and clove-like aroma with rich, smooth, brisk palate and flavours exactly matching the aroma.

Copyright © Chris Shanahan 2015
First published 13 July 2015 in the Canberra Times