Record crowd attends beer awards presentation

Celebrating the world’s biggest beer-judging event

More than 800 people packed into this year’s presentation dinner for the Australian International Beer Awards. The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria, which runs the awards, claims it as the biggest beer-judging event in the world.

This year 58 judges at the Melbourne show ground tasted their way through more than 1,700 entries submitted by 344 brewers from 35 countries.

Trophy winners include brewers large and small from all over the world. And some of the awards may put a smile on the face of the uninitiated.

Will Australian brewers worry when a Vietnamese brewer, Saigon Beer Alcohol Beverage Corporation’s 333 Premium Export, wins the trophy for best Australian style lager? Or will the Belgian and French be up in arms over Australia’s Little Brewing Company’s success in their style division?

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Beer reviews

Thatcher’s Gold English Cider 500ml $5.90–$7.50
Thatcher’s Gold won three trophies in the 2014 Australian Cider Awards: best in show, best cider and best international cider or perry. It’s widely available in bottle shops and also on tap. The cider has a bright, pale-golden colour an aroma of very ripe apples and flavour to match, with delightfully brisk acidity and dry finish.

Badlands Darkness London Porter 500ml $8.00
Badlands’ robust porter takes the palate on a silk-smooth ride through the dark side of ale. Flavours reminiscent of coffee bean, chocolate and a hint of charcoal reflect the roasted malts used by the brewer. It’s a warming, gentle, winter brew in which a subtle bitterness provides balance without overshadowing the malt.

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