Katoomba’s Carrington turns to brewing

Mountain walk, mountain ale

Nothing builds a thirst like a walk in the Blue Mountains – typically starting and ending with a 450 vertical-metre descent and ascent.

And nothing quenches the thirst better than ultra-fresh ale brewed at the new Katoomba Brewing Company.

The brewery forms part of the Carrrington Hotel complex, owned by Mark Jarvis and Michael Brischetto. The complex includes the restored 1883 Hotel, the adjacent old Katoomba power house – home of the brewery and the Carrington Cellar and Deli – and, next door to the Carrington, the Old City Bank Bar and Brasserie.

The latter offered two outstanding beers on our visit: a rich, malty American pale ale (5.2 per cent alcohol, reviewed below) and the lighter, refreshing Great Western Golden Ale (4.2 per cent alcohol).

The brewery expects to expand its range to 10 beers, available on tap throughout the Carrington complex and in take-away “growlers” at the Cellar and Deli.


Anchor Brewing Co Liberty Ale 355ml 6-pack $25
San Francisco’s Liberty Ale commemorates Paul Revere’s historic ride. A beautfully balanced, strong ale (5.9 per cent alcohol), it offers fruity, golden-syrup-like malt flavours on a creamy, soft palate. The citrus character of cascade hops cuts through the malt and provides balancing bitterness. If you drink more than one, stay off your horse.

Katoomba Brewing Co Great White Fleet American Pale Ale
Brewed in the old power house behind Katoomba’s historic Carrington hotel, Great White Fleet American Pale Ale provided rich, malty warmth on a cold, wet Blue Mountains day. At 5.2 per cent alcohol, it’s at the tame end of the robust American Pale Ale spectrum, but well balanced and refreshingly hoppy and bitter.

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First published 1 and 2 March 2016 in goodfood.com.au  and the Canberra Times