Aussie beer emulates German classic Bock style

The strong, dark beer style we know today as Bock originated centuries ago in Einbeck, northern Germany.

Over time, the Bock family proliferated in Germany before emigrating. Today it’s made throughout the world in a diversity of styles – within a generally dark, high-alcohol, malty, low-bitterness framework.

These are generally nourishing, winter warming beers packed full of malt sweetness, with interesting variants like the more concentrated Dopplebocks and highly alcoholic Eisbocks.

And in the USA, Samuel Adams brews a viscous ‘triple Bock’ that smells and tastes like vegemite and weighs in at a port-like eighteen per cent alcohol. to my palate it’s more curio than drink.

More approachable by far is Sydney’s Redoak Bock, brewed by David Hollyoak. The combination of dark Munich malts, Hallertau hops and Bavarian lager yeast creates a smooth, rich, malty beer with a refreshing hops edge. It’s available on tap at Redoak or in bottle. See

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