Beer review — Cascade & Hoegaarden

Cascade First Harvest Ale 2007
This is a serious celebration of humulus lupus – several varieties of it, in fact, fresh harvested from Tasmania’s Derwent Valley. It’s a fruity, light-amber ale with the full malty body to carry the assertive aroma, flavour and exquisite, lingering herbal bitterness of the three hops varieties. The best of this series yet, I believe.

Hoegaarden Witbier 330ml $3.69
Belgium’s famous bottle-conditioned wheat beer always impresses for its lively freshness. And it appeals for its hazy, lemon colour, pure, white foam, zesty lemon and clove aroma and beautifully light, crisp, citrusy palate. It looks particularly appealing served in a Champagne flute and, like Champagne, makes an excellent aperitif.

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