Beer review — Duvel & Grimburgen

Duvel 330ml $7.99
Duvel, one of Belgium’s best known brews, is a love-it or hate-it high alcohol (8.5 per cent) wheat ale. It has a pale lemon colour, luxurious foam and subtle, lightly fruity aroma. The high alcohol kicks in on the palate, adding body and warmth to offset the typical wheat beer acid and astringency.

Grimburgen Dubbel Abbey Beer 330m $7.99
Grimburgen is a dark brown, mahogany-tinted barley malt and wheat beer with a lightly malty, fruity, seductive aroma. The palate’s soft and buoyant with delicious, fine molasses/malt flavours that meld seamlessly with the 6.5 per cent alcohol. It’s a big but tender beer to sip and savour after dinner.

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