Beer review — Fullers & Black Sheep

Fullers London Pride Premium Ale 500ml $7.49
Imported via Western Australia, this English favourite survived the long journey in beautiful condition. The colour is golden amber and the aroma is of hops-tinted honey, caramel and toffee. On the palate, hops flavour and bitterness take on the malt sweetness in a close, tasty tussle ahead of the lingering bitter finish.

Black Sheep Ale 500ml $7.49
Paul Theakston brews for this Yorkshire brewery, founded in 1992. This is luxurious-headed, amber ale with an attractive fruity, malty, slightly toasty aroma. On the palate intense hops bitterness dominates, allowing teasing hints of malt sweetness to show through before coming to a dry and bitter finish

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