Beer review — Outback & Schwelmer

Outback Chilli Beer 330ml $3.75
Ahhhh! Ouch! Ahhhh! Ouch! At last, the beer that creates a need for itself. It has a deep amber colour and a matching, warm opulent, malty palate. That first sweet hit seduces the palate, before a surge of chilli ripples in leaving its pleasantly bitey residue and, alas, a slightly sweet, cloying aftertaste.

Schwelmer Pils Swingtop 330ml $4.20
Imported from the Schwelm brewery, Westphalia, this lovely Pils style lacks only the freshness to earn five stars. It’s a light golden coloured lager, featuring rich malt that’s offset deliciously by assertive but balanced hops. These contribute to the aroma, flavour, and refreshing, bitter, dry finish.

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