Beer review — Le Choufe & Outback

Le Chouffe Biere Blonde d’Ardenne 750ml $13.50
I found this deep-golden, bottle-conditioned Belgian wheat ale in a tiny Sydney bottle shop. It’s seasoned with coriander and weighs in at eight per cent alcohol. There’s an appealing clove-like character to it, a richly textured, smooth palate and a pleasing tannin grip balancing the sweet, alcoholic warmth. A great winter beer.

Outback Black Opal 330ml $3.15
‘Preservative free & naturally brewed’ says the label. But alas it fell flat, literally. A bad bottle perhaps? The dark amber/black colour suggests substance, but it’s medium bodied and to my taste a little hollow and off balance: the light, sweet/malt/molasses flavour seemed a little cloying and might have been better with a belt of hops.

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