Beer review — Wig & Pen, Hoegaarden

Wig & Pen Russian Imperial Stout $6.00 & Lachie’s Ness $4.20 (half pint)
These are two wonderful, idiosyncratic seasonal specialties brewed by Richard Watkins at the Wig & Pen, Canberra City. The first is a potent, molasses-rich stout served, responsibly, only in half pints. The other, named for proprietor Lachie McOmish, is in the silk-smooth, chocolate/malt/smoky Scot’s wee heavy style.

Hoegaarden ‘The Forbidden Fruit’ 330ml $5.50
International brewer InBev makes Belgium’s unique, cheeky winter favourite – Forbidden Fruit. It’s a heady mix of alcohol, malt and fruity esters that are part and parcel of the warm-fermented ale family. At 8.5 per cent alcohol it’s a sip-and-savour style – but a wimp compared to the Wig’s 11 per cent stout, reviewed above.

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