Beer review — 88 Balls and Southern Tier

88 Balls Belgian Lager 24x330ml $33–$35
Belgium’s Palm Brewery makes this lager for Barons Brewing, Australia. It’s in the mainstream, pleasingly aromatic, crisp Euro lager style – a decent quaffing beer with the light, piquant, very clean finish of the genre. It offers good value, especially if you find some local brews a little heavy and cloying.

Southern Tier Imperial Choklat Stout $17.95
Beer can be flavoured with everything from chilli to chocolate, not always with the success of this bold brew from Southern Tier Brewing of Lakewood, New York. Luxurious bittersweet chocolate sets an opulent tone matched by caramel malt and a heady 11-per-cent alcohol. I can imagine it with fresh strawberries or ice cream.

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