Buying exotic beer in Canberra

If you believe there’s life after lager and seek diversity, especially amongst the ale family, where do you shop?

I’ve yet to find a bricks-and-mortar retailer offering the diversity of Western Australian based

But some retailers make an effort. I’ve had some success at Australian Wine Brokers, Braddon, and Canberra Cellars at Belconnen.

BWS Kingston used to carry a wide range but seems to have slipped. Fellow Woolies outlet, Dan Murphy, generally offers more than the independent retailers. And, until recently, I reckon it outgunned archrival First Choice, owned by Coles.

But a recent sample foray into the First Choice, Philip, store unearthed dozens of distinctive beers, mainly ales.

I understand that there’s been a bit of creative freelancing by one of the staff — retail veteran David Owens.

David’s nose for a good drop gives us access to some wonderful brews, including great English ales from Theakston, Shepherd Neame, Fullers and Marston.

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