Beer review — Weihenstephaner & Shepherd Neame

Weihenstephaner Original Bayrisch Mild 500ml $5.99
How can a millennium-old brewery making some of the world’s best beers have such a bland website? Don’t bother visiting. But do pour another glass of this sublime, pale-lemon coloured lager – and savour the rich, fine flavours and delicious, lingering hops bitterness. This is as good as pale, light lager gets.

Shepherd Neame Bishops Finger Kentish Strong Ale 500ml $7.49
It’s been a lucky week on the beer-tasting bench – two 5-star beers in a row. First the delicate Bavarian lager, then the slap-on-the-back Kentish Ale: deep amber coloured, terrifically fruity aroma and warm palate, cut by assertive, bitter (bordering on astringent) hops that work magic for those wha’ likes ‘em.

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