Cider and beer review — Little Creatures Pipsqueak & Boag’s

Little Creatures Pipsqueak Best Cider 330ml $12.95 6-pack
The Little Creatures team takes a lead from the Brits with this lovely, tangy, appley cider. Apparently it’s been in development for about a year. Melissa Fettke made it from ‘fresh, locally-sourced apples’. It’s at the drier end of the cider spectrum with a refreshing, natural-tasting, apple-like acidity.

Boag’s Classic Blonde Low Carbohydrate Lager 375ml about $2.70
If you’re reading this column you probably don’t drink bland beer. Which may put Classic Blonde off your radar. For all the marketing palaver about meeting demand for low-carb beer while maintaining flavour, this, in my view, is a very well made, fresh, clean brew with all the interest of water.

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