Beer review — Platinum Blonde & Mercury Artisan cider

Platinum Blonde Premium Low Carb 24x330ml $40
Low carb beers tend to be bland as they lack body-boosting unfermented sugars. Woolies’ new contract-brewed version moves the flavour focus from the mid palate to the front with zesty fresh hops. It’s a more-ish quaffer worth four stars within the genre, but a tad less in the broader beer world.

Mercury Artisan Tasmanian Apple Cider 345ml 4-pack $13.99
There’s an excitement crunching into a fresh apple or pear. And it’s part of the experience, too, sipping top-notch cider and perry. Alas, I couldn’t find it in Mercury’s new Tassie brew. It seemed more likely a too-old, slightly floury apple rather than the brisk, invigorating sensation of new-season fruit.

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