Beer review — Gage Roads & Bridge Road Beechworth

Gage Roads New World Wheat Beer 330ml-6 pack $17.99
Most Aussie wheat beers emulate either the Belgian or Southern German style. This one starts like a German, with its distinctive banana-like fruity aroma. But on the palate a citrus-like hops flavour, and light bitterness, slightly outweigh the fruitiness. It’s a fine, albeit unusual, balancing act that works surprisingly well.

Bridge Road Brewers Beechworth Australian Wheat Ale 330ml-6pack $19
Ben Kraus brew two wheat ales – this gentle, warm one with banana-like aroma, modelled on the Bavarian style; and the extraordinary Chevalier Hefe Weizen with its clove-like aroma (in the Belgian style) and gentle, smooth palate. It, too, gets a five-star rating and is available in 750ml bottles at $64 for six.