Beer review — Grand Ridge Brewery

Grand Ridge Brewery Black & Tan 330ml $3.50
This is a blend of the mid-amber-coloured Gippsland Gold reviewed last week and Hat Lifter Stout, below. It is, as the label says, both ‘ale and stout’. The components are brewed separately, then blended and matured together, producing this deep brown, vibrant beer. It’s malty and chocolaty with a distinctive bitter/sour finish.

Grand Ridge Brewery Hat Lifter Stout 330ml $3.50
The website calls it ‘a creamy Irish style’ – which means, I think, that if you drink enough of it you can speak Gaelic. Well, the sample I tried was from bottle (not from tap at the brewery, like the other Grand Ridge beers reviewed lately) but it delivered its rich, silky, warming charm.

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