Beer review — Little Brewing Company & Young’s

Little Brewing Company Wicked Elf Witbier 330ml $4.20
Elf Witbier, from Port Macquarie’s Little Brewing Company, emulates the Belgian wheat beer style with its additions of Curacao and coriander. The colour’s drab and unappetising but the aroma captures some of the fruity and clove-like notes of the style. The palate, however, falls flat – not much there to my taste.

Young’s Special London Ale 500ml $7.60
This is a strong (6.4% alcohol), bottle-conditioned English-brewed ale. It has an attractive deep gold-amber colour, abundant head and a complex malty/hoppy aroma. The palate’s richly malty with assertive hops flavour, lingering bitterness and strong alcoholic lift. It’s an interesting sipping beer for cold evenings – not one for dowsing a thirst.

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