Beer review — Otway Estate Prickly Moses

Otway Estate Prickly Moses Wheat Beer, Pilsner, Summer Ale 330ml $4.20
Today’s beers all come from Victoria’s Otway Ranges. The wheat beer is zesty, lemony, fresh and light but without any of the complexity of the Belgian originals (***); Pilsner starts and finishes with hops but there’s little depth to it (***); and the Summer Ale offers straightforward, fresh, tropical notes (**).

Otway Estate Prickly Moses Red Ale, Stout 330ml $4.20
A little more alcohol and malt lifts the flavour of these styles. The Red Ale, in the Celtic style is all about smooth, sweet malt with very little hops influence (***); and the stout is reminiscent of strong, fresh-ground coffee in both the aroma and flavour – an opulent brew with lingering, bitter, roasted-grain finish (****).